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Upper Town

The Upper Town, formerly called Gradec, has kept its old appearance to a great extent, and includes a number of Zagreb sites. Located on the slope of the Medvednica Mountain, it was fortified with walls and towers in the 13th century, and many legends are associated with it, like the ones of the Bloody Bride and Stone Gates – the only remaining out of four gates to Gradec, where there is still a unique and frequented shrine covered with devotional plates. 


Croatian National Theatre

The famous Zagreb Art Temple was built back in 1895. Baroque building of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb is surrounded by many buildings of high architectural value, which represent the late 19th and early 20th century architecture. The repertoire of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb boasts a rich and diverse offer, of world and national work.



Ilica is the most famous Zagreb street and a favourite place for shopping in the old part of Zagreb due to a number of prestigious clothes and shoe department stores. Dating back to the 15th century, this street is also one of the longest Zagreb streets, passing through the main square and dividing the centre of Zagreb into the Upper and the Lower towns. 


Zagreb Botanical Garden

Due to its location at the heart of the city and its unique charm, many consider the Zagreb Botanical Garden as their favourite Zagreb park. This protected monument of garden architecture was founded in 1889 for the purpose of university lectures and is a home of autochthonic plant varieties from different parts of Croatia as well as a number of plant varieties from the sub-Mediterranean, Mediterranean and Alpine regions. 


The Zagreb Cathedral

The main church in Zagreb and the largest in Croatia, Cathedral of the Assumption and its towers have become a symbol of the Kaptol and Zagreb. The cathedral is located in a medieval fortress, within which there are well-preserved towers and walls. Zagreb cathedral was built in Gothic style, and its highest parts, towers, are reaching a staggering 105 meters.


The Manduševac Fountain

Manduševac Fountain is among the most famous Zagreb sites and the city’s landmark, and due to its location and historical background, it is a favourite site both of the citizens and those who come for a weekend in Zagreb. The fountain is located at the Ban Jelačić Square. For almost a hundred years, the spring was covered and forgotten until it was rediscovered and at the request of the citizens, a fountain was rebuilt at the site.



Lively Zagreb market located in the heart of the city, Dolac is the biggest and most famous market in Zagreb, with a distinctive touch of history and tradition. Here you can find many tradicional groceries as well as meet the friendly market sellers called "kumica".


Tkalčićeva street

Tkalčićeva street, lovingly referred to as Tkalča, developed between the two oldest Zagreb neighbourhoods, Kaptol and Gradec, at the place of the former stream surrounded by mills and arched by bridges, the most famous one being the legendary Bloody Bridge. Tkalča has been the home of craftsmen and merchants for centuries, and today it is a picturesque promenade most famous for art galleries, pleasant coffee shops and festivals.


Lotrščak tower

Among many Zagreb sites located in the Upper Town, one should mention the medieval Lotrščak Tower erected in the 13th century at the south entrance to the former Gradec. One of the landmarks of Zagreb, the Tower is the best preserved part of the former city fortification. Back in the old days, the thieves' bell, after which the Tower got its name, would go off in the evenings, and for more than a hundred years, the legendary Grič cannon has been firing from the Tower to mark midday. According to the legend, the shot from the cannon curbed the Turks' invasion of the city.


Zagreb Segway Adventure

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